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Oct 12, 2023
8 min read is a juggernaut picking up steam and continues to moving forward. In this article we'll explore why is successful as it is today! is the largest online retailer in the Netherlands. Over the course of two decades, it has grown tremendously from a small startup into a company with over 1 billion euros in revenue. One of the key people responsible for this remarkable growth is Wouter Kolk, the Chief Commercial Officer, who helped guide to become the dominant e-commerce giant that it is today.

Customer Focus

Kolk attributes's success to their relentless focus on offering customers the widest selection, the utmost convenience, and superior service. By providing an immense range of products, an easy-to-navigate website, affordable shipping options, and outstanding customer service, has made online shopping an attractive and compelling experience for consumers across the Netherlands.

When first launched in 1999, most people still preferred shopping at physical stores. invested heavily in stocking a vast selection of books, music, movies and more to match what customers could find in stores. They also designed their website to be extremely simple and intuitive to use, with basic navigation and powerful search functions, making it easy for customers to find what they need.

Product Expansion

As internet usage grew over the years, greatly expanded their product offerings into new categories like toys, electronics, home and garden products, and beyond. They also offered inexpensive shipping options, even for small orders, providing customers with maximum convenience at minimal cost. This combination of an immense selection and affordable convenience attracted more and more shoppers to the platform.

Customer Service

Perhaps most critically, has always placed a strong emphasis on providing superior customer service. They operate a call center open every day of the week to handle any questions, issues or complaints from customers. They also have flexible return policies and often give customers the benefit of the doubt in resolving problems. This high-quality service has built immense customer loyalty and trust in the brand.

By adhering closely to these three key principles of selection, convenience and service, has evolved into an unparalleled online shopping destination for the Dutch. And the company continues to grow by expanding into new product categories and delivery options. now offers same-day delivery in many areas of the Netherlands and is expanding into fashion and groceries.'s success demonstrates that even in a competitive market, a company can stand out by putting the customer's needs first. While many companies try to compete primarily on price, focuses on becoming the easiest and most pleasant place to shop online. This strategy has paid off tremendously, and now has over 4 million customers and a market share of about 30% in the Netherlands.

Further Growth

Wouter Kolk believes still has significant room to grow further in the Netherlands, and the company is also expanding into Belgium and Germany. Their goal is to become the largest online retailer in the Benelux region and a leading e-commerce company across Europe. If they continue putting the customer at the center of everything they do, has an excellent chance of achieving this ambitious goal and revolutionizing the way Europeans shop online. is well on its way to becoming a leading e-commerce company in Europe. Its success in the Netherlands demonstrates that its strategy of focusing on selection, convenience and service resonates strongly with customers. As expands into new countries, it is applying these same principles. The company is investing heavily in offering a broad selection tailored to local customers, providing affordable and fast shipping options, and high-quality customer service with local support.

While the e-commerce landscape in Europe is highly competitive, has a unique position as an online department store that offers something for everyone. Rather than specializing in a specific product category, aims to be a one-stop shop for all your shopping needs. The company believes this model is appealing to many customers who appreciate the convenience of finding everything in one place.

Delivery Options is also working to further enhance convenience by expanding its delivery options. The company already offers same-day delivery in many areas of the Netherlands, and it is rolling out one-hour delivery for a select range of products. is also experimenting with delivery by drone to provide fast shipping to customers in rural areas. If regulations allow it, drone delivery could provide a competitive advantage in serving these customers.

To become a leading e-commerce company in Europe, needs to continue gaining significant market share in the Netherlands and grow rapidly in other countries. The company aims to expand into more European countries in the coming years, focusing on Belgium, Germany, and France. If can establish a strong position in these large markets, it will be well on its way to transforming e-commerce across Europe.'s mission is to make shopping online as easy and pleasant as possible for customers throughout Europe. With its focus on selection, convenience and service, is poised to achieve this ambitious goal and revolutionize the way people shop online. The company's success proves that putting the customer first is the key to building a leading e-commerce business. As long as continues making online shopping easy and pleasant, its future looks extremely bright.

With its remarkable growth and success in the Netherlands, has demonstrated the power of its customer-centric strategy and is well positioned to become a dominant e-commerce leader across Europe in the years to come. By staying true to its mission of making online shopping as easy and pleasant as possible through selection, convenience and service, will continue to win over more and more customers and transform the online shopping experience. The future is incredibly promising for this innovative company.

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