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Oct 12, 2023
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Have you ever wondered what's so great about selling on In this article, we'll explore more on why you should sell on and start earning while selling from home!

Introduction is the friendliest online retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium. We offer a huge range of fun products across so many cool categories like movies, electronics, toys, fashion, and lifestyle stuff. As an online seller with us, we give you access to tons of awesome customers and the chance to really grow your business. In this post, I'll walk you through the key steps to get started selling on!

Choose products you love

The first and most important step is picking products you're passionate about, know really well, and can get reliably. Carefully check out the competition and demand for those products on Choose products that aren't too crowded but still really popular with customers. Make sure your products meet or beat our high standards for quality, safety, and following the law.

Set up your account

You'll need to officially sign up to be a partner to make a seller account. Give us the details about your business, your experience and skills, and the types of products you want to sell. will thoroughly check your account application, then you can log into your seller dashboard to fully control your product listings, orders, payments, shipping, and more.

Make your product listings awesome

High-quality, awesome product listings are absolutely key to standing out and attracting customers on Carefully write compelling titles, descriptions, and specs that accurately and persuasively show off your products. Include tons of high-res photos of your products from different angles and in use. Set competitive prices by thoroughly comparing similar products currently on You can also smartly choose to offer free shipping, returns, discounts, and promotions to boost the appeal and sales of your listings.

Market your products

Just listing great products on isn't enough. You need to actively market your products to reach new customers and increase sales. Share your product listings on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Write interesting blog posts or ads featuring your products. Offer promotions and discounts to your email list and social media followers. Consider advertising your products through’s marketing services. The more you market, the more customers will find and buy your products.

Give great customer service

Amazing customer service is key to getting good reviews, building customer loyalty, and keeping a successful business on Respond to customer questions and issues as fast and helpfully as possible. Quickly and carefully ship orders. Allow for free returns within’s policies. Be friendly and professional always. By providing a great customer experience, you'll get higher reviews and more repeat customers.

Why you should sell on has over 7 million wonderful customers who visit the site and make purchases every month. By selling your terrific products on, you'll have the opportunity to connect with all of these great customers, allowing you to reach more people than you ever could on your own website. With greater visibility and traffic comes more potential customers and sales. How exciting! provides sellers with lots of helpful resources to help you run a successful store. Their easy-to-use seller dashboard allows you to effortlessly manage listings, orders, payments, shipping, and more. also offers friendly support for setting up listings, solving any issues, optimizing sales, and growing your business. They take care of the technical stuff so you can focus on your products and customers. How convenient!

Customers feel confident buying from because it's a well-known and reputable company. By selling on, you immediately gain credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of customers. They'll feel great buying from your store on, which can lead to higher sales and loyalty. also strictly enforces high quality and safety standards to maintain a trusted shopping environment. How reassuring!


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