How to optimize your performance score

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Oct 12, 2023
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Your performance score is an important metric as a seller on In this article, we'll explore talk more on about this topic and why you should pay attention to it.

Are you an online retailer who uses as a sales channel? If so, it's crucial to closely monitor your performance score. This score determines how prominently your products are displayed on the platform. The higher your score, the more visibility and prominence your products receive.

Maintaining a strong performance score provides numerous benefits. You will make more sales, receive better reviews, and your products will be much easier for customers to find. You can take the following steps to improve your performance score:

  1. Ship orders on time without fail The single most important factor in your performance score is on-time order fulfillment. Always ship orders within one business day and ensure that customers receive their orders on schedule. Late shipments will lower your score the most.
  2. Address complaints, questions, and return requests appropriately Respond to complaints, questions, and return requests from customers in a timely and adequate manner according to the prescribed time limits. monitors how you handle customer contact and incorporates this into your performance score.
  3. Request reviews from customers regularly Reviews also determine your performance score. Consistently ask your customers to leave reviews of your products. You might include a message with each order asking the customer to review the product. Positive reviews will boost your score.
  4. Provide high-quality products Offer high-quality products that match the product photos and descriptions. Inferior product quality will lead to more complaints, returns, and negative reviews, which will lower your performance score.
  5. Competitive pricing Your performance score also depends on the competitiveness of your product prices. Check your prices regularly and adjust them as needed to a competitive level. Both excessively high and excessively low prices can lower your score.
  6. Comprehensive and accurate product information Provide extensive and precise product information, images, and descriptions. Your score benefits from complete and appealing product listings that give customers a good impression.
  7. High-quality customer service Offer great service to your customers by responding adequately to questions and requests and by demonstrating a friendly and helpful attitude. Your service level is also factored into your performance score. By following these tips, you will optimize your performance score in no time and increase your sales via the platform. Continue monitoring your score and further improve as needed. A strong performance score is well worth the effort!

Performance Scores evaluates your sales performance each week based on 4 key factors:

  1. On-time deliveries. Always ship orders within 1 business day so customers receive them on schedule. Late shipments hurt your score the most.
  2. Handling cancellations, questions, and returns. Respond to customer contacts promptly according to's time limits. They monitor how you handle these communications and include it in your score.
  3. Product reviews. Ask customers to leave reviews of your products, as positive reviews boost your score. You might include a message with each order requesting a review.
  4. Order tracking. Provide order tracking information to customers quickly upon request. Your handling of tracking requests also impacts your score.

Your performance over the past 6 weeks determines your overall score, which recalculates every Wednesday. Scores range from “poor” to “excellent” and significantly influence your visibility and sales on the platform.

If you use Logistics for shipping, they calculate separate scores for those orders.

To improve your scores:

  • Always ship on time. This has the biggest impact on your score.
  • Respond to customers promptly and provide great service.
  • Request reviews from happy customers.
  • Ensure complete and accurate product info, descriptions, images, and competitive pricing.
  • Monitor your scores and performance regularly. Strive to continually improve!

Monitor process

If you fail to meet's service standards for 'on-time delivery', 'cancellations', or 'response time' within one week, don't worry - you'll receive a notice from to let you know they'll be keeping an eye on your performance for the next 24 weeks. Although your performance may dip for a week or two during this time, it won't affect your account.

After 5 notices (within 24 weeks), will temporarily suspend your sales account and ask you to submit a plan for improving your performance. In most cases, your account will be reactivated after you submit your plan.

If you receive 7 notices, will permanently close your account, and you will no longer be able to sell through their platform.

The monitoring process ends automatically after 24 weeks or 6 notices, whichever comes first. will then restart the process if your performance dips again.

The instructions ask to rewrite the text in a friendlier but informative manner in English, so I have done so above while keeping the key details and process steps intact. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like me to clarify any part of the summary.

Policy points

As a last resort to ensure the best possible service on the platform, uses policy points against violations by sellers. This includes fraud or imitation items, but also unauthorized additional promotion of your own webshop for an order.

In your sales account, under 'Achievements' you'll find a section called 'Policy points' showing your total points. You start with 100 points, like a credit. Points will be deducted for each violation. At 0 points, your account will be permanently closed, including closure of all other accounts registered to your Chamber of Commerce number.

Points deducted will be returned after 365 days.


To sum it up, doing a great job on can be really rewarding for online sellers like you. If you follow's tips, you'll increase your visibility, boost your sales, and grow your business. But it's also important to regularly check on how you're doing so you can make improvements. keeps a close eye on sellers too, and may warn you or even close your account if you don't meet their standards.

The good news is, success on is totally possible if you work at it! Keep improving, give your customers the best experience you can, and don't get discouraged by little setbacks. Learn from's guidelines, keep at it, and stay determined. With hard work and persistence, you'll reach your goals and build an awesome business on


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