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Oct 12, 2023
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Learn how to conduct keyword research? In this article, we'll explore more on how to properly conduct keyword research on

Are you looking for ways to boost the visibility of your products on Then it is important to do extensive keyword research and use the right keywords in your product titles, descriptions and on your product photos. By choosing keywords that people frequently search for on, you significantly increase the chance that they will find your products. You can discover which keywords are popular by analyzing the search trends on

The search trends show the search terms that were searched for the most in the last 12 months. For example, if you sell yoga pants, it may be highly beneficial to include the words 'yoga pants' and 'tights' prominently in your product titles and descriptions. You will then rank higher in the search results for these popular search terms, so that customers can find your products much more easily.

It is also very smart to include relevant keywords in the file names of your product photos and in the alt text. The alt text is the text that people see when they hover their mouse over a photo. This also helps to achieve a higher ranking in the search results. By conducting targeted keyword research and strategically using the right keywords, you increase the likelihood of significantly more visitors finding your products on And more visitors frequently translates to more sales.

So make sure you thoroughly analyze the search trends on and prominently use those keywords in your product information. Your products will become much more discoverable, and that is how you can substantially boost your growth on

To get started with keyword research, you should first determine which keywords are most relevant to your products. Think about the search terms that your potential customers would use to find products like yours. You can also analyze the product titles and descriptions of your most successful competitors to get good keyword ideas. Some useful tools for discovering popular and relevant keywords are:

  • Search Trend Analysis Tool: An inbuilt tool accessible in your Seller Central account in You can use it to find search volumes and the related search term to the one you’ve inserted.
  • Google Keyword Planner: This free tool provides keyword suggestions based on your product category and location. It shows the monthly search volume for each keyword, so you know which keywords are most popular.
  • Google Trends: Google Trends shows how often certain search terms are entered into Google. You can compare the popularity of different keywords over time to determine which keywords are trending.
  • Semrush: Semrush is a paid keyword research tool that provides in-depth insights into search volume, keyword difficulty and the ranking potential of different keywords. It offers many useful features for finding the best keywords.
  • Keywords Everywhere: This is a free Chrome extension that shows keyword suggestions and search volume data for the websites you visit. It provides valuable on-page keyword ideas that you can use for your product pages.
  • AnswerThePublic: This tool analyzes questions that people ask about a particular topic to provide question-based keyword ideas. It is great for finding long-tail keywords in the form of questions.
  • KWFinder: KWFinder is a simple but effective keyword research tool. It shows keyword suggestions based on your search term along with search volume data from Google. It helps you find related keywords and long-tail keyword variations.

Once you have found some relevant keywords based on search volume and popularity, you should analyze the keyword difficulty. This indicates how hard it will be to rank for a certain keyword in the search results. Some factors that determine keyword difficulty are:

  • Search volume: Keywords with a high search volume are usually more difficult to rank for.
  • Competition: The number of competitors targeting a keyword has a big impact on difficulty. More competitors mean higher difficulty.
  • Domain authority: Websites with a high domain authority are often easier to outrank. Check the authority of the top-ranking pages for a keyword.
  • On-page SEO: Keywords that require strong on-page SEO, like optimization of title tags, descriptions, and content, tend to be more difficult.
  • Commercial intent: Keywords where people search with high commercial intent, meaning they want to buy something, are typically harder to rank for.

Focus on choosing a mix of easy, medium, and difficult keywords to optimize your chances of ranking well in the search results. Once you have selected your target keywords, you should include them in your product titles, descriptions, specifications, and image alt text. Place the most important keywords first in titles and descriptions, and use your keywords naturally while still writing for human readers. Keep optimizing your on-page content and build high-quality backlinks to your product pages to improve your rankings over time. With the right keyword strategy, you can achieve sustainable growth on Conducting regular keyword research and staying up-to-date with the latest trends will help you discover new opportunities to boost traffic and sales. Search Trends Analysis Tool

The search trends analysis tool is an invaluable resource for finding popular search terms and boosting your visibility on To use this tool, you need to have your own seller account. Once logged in, you can access the search trends analysis tool under “Search Trends Analysis.”

The search trends analysis tool shows you graphs illustrating how often certain words or phrases were searched on, going back up to 4 years. This allows you to see trends over time and determine which search terms are gaining or declining in popularity. You can compare up to 3 search terms at a time to see how they stack up against each other.

The tool also provides suggested search terms related to the one you entered. These are listed in order from most to least popular, based on actual search volume data from Reviewing these related search terms is a great way to explore how else customers are searching for products like yours. You may discover valuable long-tail keywords or questions that you can optimize your content for. Search Function

Another easy way to find keyword ideas is to simply start typing a search term into the search bar without pressing Enter. will show you auto-complete suggestions based on the most popular searches from other customers. For example, if you type in “shoes,” you’ll see suggestions like “running shoes,” “sneakers,” “women’s shoes,” “shoe size chart,” and more. These search suggestions can provide excellent keyword inspiration based on real user search behavior.

Optimizing your product titles, descriptions and image alt text for frequently searched terms on is key to increasing your visibility and rankings in the search results. By targeting popular keywords that your potential customers are already using, you make it much more likely that they will find your products during their search. The search trends analysis tool and search suggestions are invaluable for discovering the keywords and search phrases you should focus on to boost traffic and sales. Regularly analyzing trends and updating your content will help sustain your growth on

In summary, the search trends analysis tool and search suggestions provide the following benefits:

  • Shows search volume data for the keywords you’re interested in, going back up to 4 years.
  • Suggests related search terms in order of popularity to explore what else customers are searching for.
  • Reveals long-tail keywords, questions and trending search phrases to optimize your content for.
  • Provides real-time keyword ideas based on what shoppers are typing into the search bar.
  • Helps you choose the right keywords to target in your product information for better rankings and visibility.
  • Enables you to monitor trends over time and update your strategy to boost traffic and sales.
  • Is free to use for any seller account.

Using these resources in your keyword research process will help you achieve sustainable growth on With a data-driven keyword strategy, more customers will discover your products through the search results — leading to more traffic, clicks and sales. The search trends analysis tool and search suggestions are easy to use but powerful ways to gain valuable insights into your customers’ search behavior. Make the most of them for a competitive advantage on is built with the keyword research tool to make it easier for you to do keyword research and immediately utilize them in your campaigns. Sign up for a free account now.


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