10 ways to increase your Bol.com conversions!

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Oct 12, 2023
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Have you ever wondered how to increase your sales in Bol.com?? In this article, we'll explore more on on the techniques so you can increase your sales!

Do you want to maximize your sales on Bol.com? Here are 10 tips on how to increase your conversions!

1. Create good product pages

Your product pages play an important role in providing the right information to customers and persuading them to choose your products over those of the competition. It is the showcase where you can convince customers that your products are better than the competition's, unique or cheaper than those of other sellers, and the ultimate solution for anyone who buys them. But how do you translate all this onto a product page?

It all starts with a good product title because with this you will be found faster and it catches potential customers' attention. First of all, use relevant text and keywords. This way you will rank better and be found faster, and customers will know exactly what they're getting.

For example, suppose someone is looking for a cutlery set hen your title can be (for the product you sell) "Cutlery set - 70 pieces - for 8 people". Of course, you can also mention a brand in the title (if your cutlery set is from a well-known brand) since people also search for this and will buy faster when that's the case. They are then specifically looking for that cutlery set and not another variant or brand.

In this case, you're talking about a 70-piece cutlery set and you can possibly elaborate on this in the title. Some people indeed look for a specific cutlery set (e.g. with several different types of cutlery or of a certain brand or material). This cutlery set does not only consist of knives, forks and spoons but also dessert spoons, coffee spoons, salad forks, cake servers, sauce spoons and more cutlery variations. You can possibly also mention this in the title if it fits. And if not, people will understand that it's about more than just knives, forks and spoons ... and customers looking for an extensive cutlery set will click on the product based on the fact that it's 70 pieces. And then you can further specify in the product description which types of cutlery are in the cutlery set that your customers may be looking for.

So make sure you come up with an excellent title that translates well into exactly what your product is and it's also very important to use good product images (these also increase Bol.com conversions). Your product images are of high quality and show your product well. Keep in mind that customers cannot hold the product in their hands, view and feel it like they can physically in a store. They order it online and want to see clearly what the product looks like and when

2. Sell Unique Products (or Private Label)

Creating unique products or private label goods is one strategy to compete on more than just price. While revolutionary new products are rare, improving on existing products is quite common.

A private label product takes an existing product and adds your own twist, with new or improved features. Maybe you find a product with good reviews but customers note downsides you could address. You might offer different sizes, colors, or make other adjustments. Be very clear in your vision and convey that to your supplier, who will produce the goods. You'll sell these products under your own brand, so choose a name and design that effectively markets the products.

You can have many private label products manufactured cheaply on Alibaba, but the key is maintaining a good profit margin. Carefully vet suppliers to find those that can deliver quality products.

High-quality private label goods boost your Bol.com conversions, as customers will quickly abandon low quality or overpriced products. Price your items competitively, offering clear added value to customers. In the next tip, we'll discuss pricing in more detail.

3. Offer a lower price than competitors

When shoppers search for products, price is always the first thing they check. Usually, people have a specific item in mind and want the best deal. You should double check your prices versus competitors selling the same stuff on Bol.com. Offering the lowest prices is a great way to increase your sales on Bol.com, but make sure you're still making a profit.

Selling your own brand means you can charge more if your product is really different from the competition...or if you're the only one selling it! You avoid competing with others and will likely do well. Customers see the extra value and buy from you instead of competitors who miss the opportunity. Customers are often happy to pay a little more for something that improves their daily life.

If you sell products that other sellers offer too, watch prices very closely. Price wars can hurt small businesses. Big companies usually get way better deals, buy huge amounts for less, and have lots of storage space. In short, they have many more resources than little startups on Bol.com. Consider how to best sell and boost your sales on Bol.com.

4. Calculate profit margins to earn money selling on Bol.com

To earn money selling on Bol.com, you must generate profits by calculating profit margins on your products. It is essential to know your costs for producing and shipping products to customers via Bol.com. Calculate costs for sourcing products and shipping them to gain a good estimate of profit margins. Then, maximize profit margins as much as reasonably possible.

However, also consider the minimum profits needed to earn a decent living from your Bol.com business. Calculate this to ensure your products sell at a profit so you can pay yourself and cover business expenses. If profit margins are too low, you may struggle to sustain your business long-term.

In addition to calculating costs and profit margins, charge fair prices for your customers. You likely want to maximize profit margins, but you also need to stay realistic. If you price products too high, customers may leave for competitors with better deals. It is a balancing act between profits and customer satisfaction.

Carefully consider all of these factors. Do the math to calculate your costs and estimate reasonable profit margins. This helps ensure you do not face unexpected financial difficulties and allows you to know approximately how much you can earn from Bol.com sales. When you have a good handle on costs and profit margins, increasing your Bol.com conversions becomes much easier.

You can then make data-driven decisions to further boost profits, such as bundling products, offering promotions and discounts at strategic times, or improving your product listings to rank higher in search results. The more you sell, the more you earn—as long as you maintain strong profit margins. Put in the work to calculate costs and profit margins, and you will be on your way to building a successful business on Bol.com.

5. Follow Bol.com's requirements

To increase your Bol.com conversions, you will need to meet some requirements set by the platform for sellers. These are all things that of course must guarantee that only good external sellers are active on the Bol.com website. But they also play an important role one by one in achieving higher conversion ratios and should be properly followed for maximum success.

You can increase Bol.com conversions by meeting the following 8 performance standards and will also have to follow them to continue selling on the popular shopping platform:

  1. Cancellations - try to stay below the standard of 2%
  2. Delivered on time - try to stay above the standard of 98%
  3. Reviews - try to stay above the standard of 8
  4. Track & Trace - try to meet the standard of 100%
  5. Returns - try to stay below the standard of 5%
  6. Availability - try to stay above the standard of 90%
  7. Customer questions - try to stay below the standard of 5%
  8. Response time - try to stay above the standard of 90%

6. Treat your customers in a friendly manner

It already comes up in a number of aspects of the performance standards, but good customer service is crucial for your business. Make sure your customers receive good products, correct information and perfect customer service. Your goal should also be to develop customer loyalty and thus optimize conversions.

Satisfied customers will come back, but they also like to tell others about your products. And you have to understand that retaining customers is easier than acquiring new customers. So leave a good impression and your customers will always prefer you over your competitors.

Also make sure you follow the motto "the customer is king (or queen of course)" and favor the customer in disputes. Even if it costs you money. This way you satisfy customers, you don't make it too complicated and customers will leave a positive review rather than a negative one (and these are important in the short, but also the long term for your business).

Stay active on social media

It is essential for every company, especially e-commerce businesses, to have a presence on social media. With the right strategy and content, you can use social media to raise brand awareness and gain loyal followers, which leads to more sales.

For example, you can post updates about your company or new products you just launched. You might offer an "early bird" discount or run another fun promotion. Consumers love these kinds of actions and often take advantage of them. Of course, there are also ways to sell products directly via social media or place links to your product pages on sites like Bol.com, which can increase your conversions.

Wanting to appear at the forefront of your company, brand, and products (or services), you must leverage social media channels. Social media is a must for any business, but particularly for e-commerce. By creating the proper strategy and content, you can utilize social media to build brand recognition that results in devoted followers—and more revenue.

8. Feed-management tools

When you start selling on Bol.com using a feed is very important. A “feed” (also called a product feed, sometimes called a data feed) is a kind of collection file of all your products. It often happens that sellers have dozens, hundreds or sometimes thousands of products ... and if you want to sell them all on Bol.com, it is a big job to manually transfer them all.

A product feed is the solution for placing all your products (or a selection) on the Bol.com website at once.

You can use tools for this such as “Channable” it may take a while before you get everything under control, but later you will only benefit from such a useful feed.

It saves you a lot of time and changes are also implemented everywhere immediately.

This simplification will save time and also properly implement everything so that you will have more time to work on optimizations that will also give your Bol.com conversions a big boost.

9. Score great customer reviews

It's not just on Amazon that it's very important to get good customer reviews, it's also an important part of your sales activities on Bol.com. By far the most consumers look at the customer reviews that sellers have on their product pages and many also base their purchases on it to be sure of a good product. You understand that for this reason it is essential to score and cherish those good reviews.

You may think that getting those great customer reviews will come down to good luck, but you actually have a lot of control over the process itself. When you deliver good products, have perfect customer service and also charge a fair price, there is no reason for customers to say anything negative about you the chance is great that you will receive good customer reviews.

Often it is the case that leaving those customer reviews needs to be stimulated a bit and here again there are several tricks for this.

There can be a "thank you" card for the order placed (with e.g. a discount code for the next purchase), which can also immediately ask for a review. The same applies to a follow-up email.

Also respond promptly to negative reviews and resolve issues quickly for your customers the chance is great that you can also turn these negative reviews into good customer reviews to meet the performance standards, but also to increase Bol.com conversions (potential customers who see a higher review score with your products will probably buy from you sooner than the competition).

10. Increase your rankings with your Bol.com products

You probably know which search terms match your products and what people are looking for. They are also often the search terms with the highest search volumes. Make sure you use them in the product title, but also product description to rank higher.

If you can manage to land higher in the search results, Bol.com will increase conversions much easier. Online shoppers usually choose products they want to buy on the first or second page, if you are much lower the chance of conversions is almost nil. Increasing your conversions on Bol.com therefore also has to do with your position on that search results page.

Make sure consumers find what they are looking for, otherwise they will scroll further to other sellers on Bol.com who have it better.

It is also a tip to ensure that you can meet the "ordered before 5 pm? Tomorrow at home!" conditions. Nowadays customers are spoiled with this and it is actually the standard. But only indicate this (in the Excel sheet of your Bol.com seller account) when you can meet it.


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