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Oct 12, 2023
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A great product listing means more sales and a better spot in the marketplace. This is also true for listings on bol.com. In this article, we'll look closer at product titles and images on bol.com.

Hello there! Product listing is very important when selling items on marketplaces like bol.com. Your product listing includes things like the product title, description, images, and reviews- basically everything a customer sees before buying. As a seller, you should pay close attention to each part of your product listing. A great product listing means more sales and a better spot in the marketplace. This is also true for listings on bol.com. In this article, we'll look closer at product titles and images on bol.com.

Product titles on bol.com

Good product titles make items easier to find and get more clicks. Look at this product title: "Sharp ESNDH9144WDBX". This product won't be easy to find on bol.com and won't get many clicks. A customer probably has no idea what the product is from that title.

What makes a good product title?

A good product title has: •Brand •Series •Product name •Product type •Important features like color, size, weight, etc.

Here's an example of a good product title on bol.com:

If you check bol.com's search trends, you'll see that people search for "lego" with “star wars”

It's also good to know that many customers shop online using their phone. Phones show the first 35 characters of a product title, so include the most important words first.

So in our first example, instead of just having the product model number, insert the product keyword as well. In this case, the product is a washer-dryer combination machine. Hence: 

This will make it easier for people who are:

  1. Looking for a washer-dryer machine
  2. Looking for a specific washer-dryer machine from Sharp with the product model number. 

Okay product titles on bol.com

Here are some product titles on bol.com that are okay:

https://blog.effectconnect.com/hs-fs/hubfs/Producttitel bol.com matig.png?width=600&name=Producttitel bol.com matig.png

In this case, the seller includes many synonyms of a word in the title. This confuses customers and is unnecessary. Bol.com already includes synonyms in its search. It's better to include a product's most important features.

The title below could use some slight changes

The title mentions the size of 21.5x17 cm. In our opinion, the product size should be kept inside the product page where you can go in depth about the product’s details. It’s better to have keywords inside your product title that can help attract customers and cast a wider net when people are searching on Bol.com. 

What NOT to include in a product title on marketplaces

Some important things to avoid in a product title: •Prices, sales or delivery times •All capital letters •Product details •Numbers written out (e.g. two instead of 2) •Seller information •Special characters like !, ? or & •Complete sentences

Product images on bol.com

Images create emotions in people and encourage them to act, like scrolling or clicking. It's important to create the right product images. Clear, high-quality images are more likely to catch a customer's attention and increase the chance of a sale. Having enough images from different angles is also important. The more images you have showing the whole product, the better customers can see what it really looks like. Good quality, clear images also mean fewer disappointed customers and returns.

Requirements for product images on bol.com

Images on bol.com must meet some requirements: 

  • Be at least 30 KB and max 25 MB to ensure good quality 
  • Be a minimum 1200 x 1200 pixels and max 6000 x 6000 pixels. Smaller sizes don't allow zooming.
  • The main image, the first one a customer sees on the search and product page, should
  • Have a white background. This highlights the product best without distraction. ›
  • Show the whole product. Customers should be able to clearly see what it looks like. 
  • Not have unnecessary shadows or reflections.

Comparing these main images, the first one is not good. It's not clear what the product is and is very small which makes it seem unprofessional. The next image meets the requirements for a good main image.

Atmospheric pictures on bol.com

To give customers the best experience, include atmospheric images on the product page. These increase the experience for customers since they can't touch, feel or smell the product before buying. Atmospheric images should answer questions customers might have, like:

  • How big is the product? •
  • What will it look like in my home?
  • Will it fit larger sizes too?

For a mattress protector, customers will wonder what it looks like on a bed. An image like this helps:

A few other notes:

  • Don't include watermarks, company names, logos or sale labels on product images. •
  • Images are copyrighted. Don't use free stock photos as product images or infringe on others' rights. Be very careful with this.

Now that you know how to optimize your product listing on Bol.com, you can amp up your sales by considering Sponsored Products ads on Bol.com. Check out our dedicated blog article here.


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