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Grow your store on by leveraging our AI powered advertisingĀ optimization engines. does your PPC heavy lifting so you can save time, maximize profit and focus on growing your business. ppc advertising software

We bring confidence to your ads

Grow your store while optimizing your advertising footprint on Leverage the power of our AI powered optimization engines.

Campaigns that are built to last

Create performing campaigns all within a snap helps remove the guess work of structuring your campaigns and enables you to create the campaign of your dreams.'s MADĀ AIĀ campaign feature allows you to create 3 campaigns simultaneously which interplay to optimize your ad spend, and get the most bang for your bid. seller tools Advertising tools
Automate the boring part

We optimize your campaigns, so you donā€™t have to features 4 unique automatic optimization engines that do the heavy lifting for you. Say goodbye to hours of guess work and manual interventions on bid and keyword optimization.

Find the perfect keyword

The ideal keyword at your fingertips

Find out what customers are searching for on Enter a search term and start making informed decisions on your keyword strategy. We provide a list of relevant and high traffic keywords straight from ppc optimization software ppc optimization tools
Analyze and see the bigger picture

Viewing reports in a new light

Measure the true impact of your campaigns via MadBot.aiā€™s reporting section. Every data from Campaign, Ad Group, Products, Keywords down to Search Terms are individually accessible for you to analyze.


The solution to all of your PPC optimization needs

MADSENSE is a set of automation that is set to be your partner on your advertising journey on

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Result driven, automatic ad optimization

Save time, effort and money when managing your ads by letting our optimization features do the heavy lifting. Advertisers who leverage's features, stand to gain more from their ads. Period.

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